Respirator Fit Test Training

Precise Consulting provides a Respiratory Fit Testing competence program to enable you to conduct in-house fit testing.

Respirator Fit Test Training: PreciseFit

Respirator Fit testing must be conducted by a competent person, meaning, a person with the necessary knowledge and skill / experience to perform fit testing.

Precise Consulting, under our service line, PreciseFit, provides a Respiratory Fit Testing competence program where we provide you with the training you would need to effectively conduct in-house fit testing for your company. The program further includes a process of continued verification by means of assessments to ensure the necessary skills and knowledge for conducting fit testing is kept up to date.

Our training program is designed to include the requirements as set out in AS/NZS 1715 and the new AS/NZS ISO 16975.3 respiratory fit testing standard. The training covers Qualitative fit testing (using taste-test solutions) and Quantitative fit testing (CNC method using a Portacount).

What the program includes

The PreciseFit training program of 2 days includes the following: Theory training (6 hours) – Includes information on respirator types, sizes, filters etc, how to maintain and check them, how to fit them, their limitations and information regarding where and when their use is necessary, what you need to know about respirator protection programs, relevant legislation, and knowledge about the fit testing methods.

Following the theory training, you will be required to complete a theory assessment of 1 hour.

Once the theory assessment has successfully been passed, practical training must then be done (6 hours) – Includes being shown how to work with the equipment (Qualitative and / or Quantitative) and having an opportunity to practice.

Following the practical training, you will be required to complete a practical demonstration and assessment – this may range from 1 hour to 2.5 hours, depending on the method.

Training and assessments must be completed within 2 months of first training day.

On successful completion of the theoretical training and assessment and the practical training and assessment, PreciseFit grants you a certificate to verify the skills and experience obtained through the training. The Certificate is valid for 2 years. After 2 years, a refresher training session and competency verification check can be done, where you will be issued a renewed certificate. Total duration of the refresher training and assessment is 4 hours.

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