3M EARFit Testing

Precise Consulting can test and verify the fit and attenuation of your 3M earmuffs and earplugs.

Testing Earmuffs & Earplugs

Noise exposure is a prominent risk in most occupational settings. When hearing protective devices are provided as a means to control exposure to noise, it must be fitted correctly in order to achieve the necessary protection. Workers must receive training on how to correctly wear, care for and maintain their hearing protective devices in order to ensure due diligence in worker protection.

Each hearing protective device has a noise attenuation rating which is the highest level of attenuation it can provide, as tested and certified, if worn correctly.

Precise make use of the 3M EARFit portable unit to verify whether workers are receiving the attenuation from their HPE as per the design.
This is an excellent tool to verify whether you have the right hearing protective devices for your environment and unique occupational setting, and to train and show workers how the fit of their HPE influences how well they are protected.

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