Asbestos Clearances

Precise Consulting complete clearance inspections and issue compliant clearance certificates following asbestos removal to ensure the area is safe for reoccupation.

Clearance Inspections

After the licensed asbestos removalist has completed asbestos removal work, the person who commissioned the asbestos removal work at a workplace must make sure a clearance inspection is carried out and a clearance certificate is issued before the workplace can be reoccupied.

Only independent WorkSafe Licensed Asbestos Assessors can conduct clearance inspections following Class A asbestos removal work. If the assessor determines that the asbestos removal area does not pose a risk to health and safety from exposure to asbestos, then a clearance certificate is issued, confirming it is safe to re-occupy.

WorkSafe have advised that it is the responsibility of the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) to engage the assessing company directly and not the asbestos removal company. Independence is a requirement.

Asbestos Assessors

We have experienced asbestos assessors located in all six branches across New Zealand. Precise can ensure delivery of clearance air monitoring and surface sample results within hours of a site visit and can issue the clearance certificate the day of completion.

Our thorough internal and external training program and the range of work environments we are involved in ensures that Precise assessors are able to provide a top-quality service with practical solutions to our clients.

Asbestos Clearances and Clearance Certificates

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