Mould Services

Precise Consulting offers a range of mould contamination inspection and testing service lines to ensure you get the right information to resolve the specific issues you are facing.

Mould Contamination

Mould and bacteria can have a serious impact on human health. They can also cause damage and decay to building materials and contents.

The risks to health depend on:

  • The types and levels of mould or bacteria present
  • Growth states they are in
  • Susceptibility of exposed individuals and;
  • How people are exposed (i.e. inhalation, ingestion and skin contact).

Some moulds produce compounds called mycotoxins which are known to have a toxic effect to humans. Many moulds, bacteria and spores contain allergens which can lead to both mild and severe allergic reactions.

A variety of moulds and bacteria can also cause infections, the effects of these can range from irritating such as athletes’ foot, to life threatening such as brain abscesses.

Identifying  & Locating Mould

Mould growth indoors is usually caused by excess moisture. This means locating the source or causes of elevated moisture is a vital step in eliminating mould and bacterial growth. Identifying what types of microorganisms are present can provide useful information for determining the causes of fungal growth, and for establishing appropriate removal methods.

Mould can grow almost anywhere, including hidden locations like inside wall or ceiling cavities, on the back of wallpaper linings or in subfloor spaces. Hidden mould growths can still negatively impact human health. If you suspect you have mould in your workplace or home, we can provide mould testing to help identify the sources and causes of mould contamination, as well as providing remediation advice.


Mould Testing & Services

We offer a range of biological testing services from a basic identification only assessment through to detailed and/or custom mould testing services that can be tailored to meet your needs. Services include:

  • Basic inspections to confirm the presence of mould.
  • Detailed inspection with additional samples and moisture assessments etc.
  • Clearance inspection following mould removal to ensure mould is removed correctly.
  • Customised testing options.
Mould Contamination & Mould Testing Services

Other Services


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