Lead Paint Testing

Precise Consulting offer testing to confirm the presence of lead in paint and dust and can provide recommendations, based on results, to manage and prevent lead exposure.

Lead Paint Testing

It is important for homeowners and paint removalist to identify any lead-based paint that may be present to ensure that adequate controls are implemented to protect not only the occupants, but also the workers involved in stripping interior and exterior lead paint.

Lead is highly toxic and the contaminated dust and soil it generates are of particular concern due to the risk posed to human health and the environment as a persistent pollutant. Young children are most at risk to ingest lead dust and paint particles because they tend to put toys in their mouths. Abrasive methods applied during paint removal generate high dust volumes which elevates the risk of dust and soil contamination.

Precise will also carry out personal exposure monitoring to lead dust for workers involved in paint stripping. The results from exposure monitoring will be used to verify the effectiveness of controls aimed at capturing the dust at the point of release, and to check legal compliance.

Indoor lead dust testing and lead wipe tests

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