Testing for Traces of Lead

Precise Consulting carry out Lead in Indoor Dust surveys to determine the risk to health for occupants – Guideline for the Management of Lead-Based Paint and the Environmental Case Management of Lead Exposed Persons Guidelines for Public Health Units, Ministry of Health 2012.

Lead in indoor dust surveys

The purpose of the Lead in indoor dust survey is to determine the amount of Lead in surface dust to which occupants may be exposed to. The reason is to determine the risk to health, especially children who are likely to ingest Lead in surface dust or soil where they play.

When Lead-based paint deteriorates and becomes flaky, it contaminates dust and soil and so becomes a route of exposure. Young children are most at risk because they have a tendency to put things in their mouths, chewing on toys or other hard surfaces such as windowsills.

Adults are also at risk, with the main route of exposure being inhalation of Lead dust during Lead paint removal, smoking, or cleaning.

Lead dust wipe test

Wipe samples are collected from several areas within the home to ensure that samples are representative, focusing on those areas where children may play, including windowsills where Lead dust is most likely to accumulate.

Results from wipe samples may be used to determine if indoor dust contains Lead and also for clearance purposes to assess whether a contractor left contaminated residue behind after Lead paint removal.

Samples are analyzed by an IANZ accredited laboratory, and results, findings, conclusion and recommended remedial actions are reflected in a technical report.

Lead dust testing

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