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Precise Consulting offers a range of HAZMAT service lines to ensure you get the right information on specific issues, and to inform the best and safest course of action.

Your Asbestos Testing & HAZMAT Specialists

Our mission is to provide our communities with the information they need to create safe, healthy environments.

What we do

Precise Consulting offers a range of hazardous material and occupational hygiene services to ensure you get the right information on specific issues, and to inform the best and safest course of action. We aim to make homes and work places in New Zealand safer.

We specialise in asbestos testing & sampling and asbestos surveys, methamphetamine testing, air quality testing for dust and mould, environmental testing and workplace drug and alcohol testing. Precise are your HAZMAT and Asbestos testing specialists.


Asbestos Surveys and Management Plans

Asbestos Testing & Inspections

We specialise in all types of asbestos-related services, including sampling & surveying, risk assessment, management plans, clearance inspections & awareness training.

Mould Contamination & Mould Testing Services

Mould Testing & Identification

Precise Consulting offers a range of mould services to ensure you get the right information to resolve the specific issues you are facing.

Respirator fit testing

Respirator Fit Testing

Precise Consulting can assist with company respirator selection, fitment, and protection programs.

Occupational hygiene and safety services

Occupational Health & Hygiene

We offer a comprehensive range of Occupational Hygiene & Safety services including risk identification, environmental management, exposure monitoring and assessments, hygiene and sanitation, chemical management and more.

Workplace Noise Pollution Exposure & Noise Risk Assessments

Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Precise Consulting undertake assessments to evaluate the risk of exposure to airborne pollutants such as hazardous dusts, fumes, vapours and gases, as well as noise testing and vibration monitoring.

Methamphetamine contamination testing

Methamphetamine Contamination Testing

We offer a range of methamphetamine testing and assessment services to ensure you get the right information to resolve the specific issues you are facing.

Lead dust testing

Lead Dust Testing

Precise Consulting carry out a number of lead testing services including Lead in Indoor Dust surveys, to determine the risk to health for occupants.

Indoor air quality testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality has become an important occupational health and safety issue. Precise offer a range of air quality testing and monitoring services, to keep workplaces healthy.

Asbestos Clearances and Clearance Certificates

Hazardous Materials Testing

We offer a range of HAZMAT services including hazard awareness, hazard specific training, and hazardous chemicals, asbestos and biological agents identification and testing.

HAZMAT Compliance Software

Octfolio offers a centralised online database and field data
collection application to streamline the management of hazardous materials and other building-related information, documentation, and associated compliance data. Clients can operate and maintain their own online portal within Octfolio that stores asset information and asbestos data. Assets will have risk scores associated with them with automatic reminders when re-inspections are due. Asbestos registers can be generated with the information captured onsite.

QR code stickers can be placed onsite and the asbestos register can be accessed on phones by simply taking a photo of the sticker. This system gives contractors easy access to the asbestos register to ensure they are fully aware of the risks when undertaking work onsite.



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